International Marine Surveyors

Virgin Islands Commercial Vessel Coding

While operating in the British Virgin Islands, commercial (charter) vessels must comply with the Virgin Islands Merchant Shipping Act which is administered by the BVI Maritime Administration and comply with the appropriate UK Code of Practice for the Safety of Small Commercial Motor or Sailing Vessels. 

While operating in USVI waters, commercial (charter) vessels with 6 to 12 passengers must demonstrate compliance with both the appropriate UK Code AND 46 C.F.R., Subchapter C UPV requirements.

Virgin Islands Commercial Vessel Code Compliant Vessels: 

Vessel 1

Valid Through 6/1/23

Vessel 2

Valid Through 12/1/23

Vessel 3

Valid Through 4/23/22

Vessel Name 4

Expired on 2/25/23

Vessel Name 5

Expired on 2/10/23

Vessel Name 6

Expired on 3/3/23